All things Data Science.

Data science is one of the hottest roles in technology today. If you’ve got experience and a degree in data science or a related field, then you can write your own ticket with regards to who you want to work for and command a significant salary. 

One of the biggest challenges for organizations like Citibank, HP, Honeywell, TCS, etc. is finding skilled data scientists – who have both the background as well as experience to handle Big data and large, evolving data sets. Unfortunately, the market is not keeping pace with organizations’ needs for data science skills. 

Data is the new oil .
The Internet Of Things is creating data every second – through devices and users.

This is where we come in .. with our innovative programs designed to make you the master of Data Sciences (roles across Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining and Machine Learning) . We have a few innovative courses filled with practical learning :

  1. Intern and Learn: Choose a project and work under mentorship for 3 months.
  2. Data Science for Juniors: Students from 6th class onwards can do these short courses to get a headstart into the world of Data