Intelligence in decisions

The Quality of your life depends on the quality of your decisions ..

In today’s dynamic business landscape, success demands embracing new-age practices. Data Science, Digital expertise, AI, and ML are indispensable for driving growth.

Decisions for Success and Happiness need to be made using latest technologies (AI) on the large amounts of data present. The world is changing too fast for an individual to wait to gain the experience and then decide.

Data .. and Decisions on Data
(companies and personal choices)

my Story

Data Scientist

In the early 2000s India saw the advent of Data collection, consolidation and reporting fuel the speed of economic growth. My professional journey has coincided with this adoption and productisation of data decisions thru AI and ML. I work in the space of Consulting and Knowledge transfer. 

As a Mentor and Author, I get to meet and guide young minds on optimal careers. This led me to create the AI powered Career Guidance test and mentoring service

Career Success

Drives Financial Wellness and longterm Happiness

Data is the new oil

Digital, cloud based systems give huge data access to corporates

Fast & Accurate

Insights automate decisions at all levels.

its a digital world

Data. Digital. Sustainable. Scalable.

  • Create a Machine Learning and AI driven plug and play DSS (‘Brain’)
  • Easy to work on in low internet areas
  • Easy to work with local languages and data
  • INCREASE uniformity in Credit decisions while maintaining Locational flavour
  • DECREASE TAT for loan processing while maintaining Risk profiling
  • REDUCE learning cycle time for credit on new risk factors
  • INCREASE cross sell, upsell potential and Business ROI
impacting lives

What People Say
About Us

The decision support system revolutionized our loan efficiency. Grateful for its insights and optimization, it has been instrumental in our success. Thank you!
Anna Cynthia
Credit Insights from ItP has revolutionized our approach to risk assessment. As a credit manager, I rely on its comprehensive analysis to make informed decisions, ensuring efficient credit management and minimizing potential risks.
ItP insights have revolutionized our sales strategy. With precise data-driven analyses, we make informed decisions, accelerate approvals, and exceed targets. A game-changer for any sales manager!

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