Legal Lectures – from the Supreme Court

Legal Lectures – By Purushottam Sharma Tripathi

About the Lecturer: – Purushottam is an NLS Gold Medalist and currently AOR at the Supreme Court of India. He has been practising for the last 12 years in Delhi. Recent important cases in which he has worked include Triple Talaq case, Cow Slaughter case etc. 

Lecture Topics: –

  1. Corporate Regulatory framework overview – The course will give an overview of various statutory compliances mandated in India by corporates
    1. Registration / Incorporation of business entities
    2. Labour regulation
    3. Tax compliance                               
    4. Contract / agreement
    5. Intellectual property rights
    6. Data protection
    7. Corporate governance
    8. Dispute resolution

This course is a series of Lectures totalling 24 hours and covers the above-mentioned topics for Different types of Business Entities, the Laws and Regulations for the above topics, Examples and Exceptions


  1. Registration / Incorporation of business entities – The course will provide:
    1. Pre -Incorporation stipulations
    2. Post-incorporation compliances

We will cover the comparative analysis of processes and laws for setting up of various business entities (sole proprietorship/partnerships/ companies/ Societies/ Trusts). This course is a series of Lectures totalling 8 hours

  1. Labour Laws – This course will cover:                      
    1. Labour Laws in India
    2. Labour Regulations in India
    3. Examples
    4. Landmark judgements

We will cover laws/regulations governing the undermentioned labour issues  in a series of lectures for 24 hours                              

  1. wages
  2. labour Unions
  3. workmen compensation
  4. labour dispute resolution
  5. contract labour (rights and obligations)
  6. employee benefit entitlement (Maternity/ Leave/ Privacy / Safe workplace)


  1. Sexual harassment in the workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal)- This course will cover the evolution and development of the law to combat incidents of sexual harassment in workplaces.
    1. Law governing sexual harassment
    2. Establishing a customized preventive Mechanism
    3. Sensitization of employees and management
    4. Regulatory compliance

This is a series of lectures for 8 hours and is also used for corporate training also.

  1. Taxation (Direct & Indirect taxes) – This course will cover the evolution of direct and indirect taxation in India with emphasis on GST and Corporate tax – Direct / Indirect Taxation regime in India –
    1. Historical evolution
    2. Present legal and regulatory system
    3. Impact of direct taxation on business entities
    4. landmark judicial pronouncements
    5. Salient features of Tax Planning                                                                                                         

This is a series of lectures for 16 hours.          


  1. Business Contract and agreements – Contract is the fundamental premise for any business/ monetary transaction between business entities. This course shall endeavour to dissect legally enforceable agreements (contracts) and so as to enable participants to appreciate its salient features.
    1. Essentials for agreement/ contract        
    2. Types of Contract
    3. Compliance of contract and exceptions
    4. Breach of Contract
    5. Remedies for breach of contract
    6. Specific Performance of a contract
    7. Indemnity and guarantee
    8. Principal-agent relationship                                                                      

This is covered in a series of lectures in 8 hours


  1. Intellectual property rights – This course will cover the legal framework / regulatory mechanism for intellectual property rights in India.
    1. Categories of IPR
    2. Scope and Object of IPR
    3. Patents
    4. Copyrights
    5. Trademark                                                
    6. Industrial design
    7. Geographical Indications
    8. Plant varieties
    9. Trade secret
    10. Infringement / Misappropriation/ enforcement of IPR                                                                                                                                                 

This course is covered in a series of lectures of 16 hours

  1. Data protection – This course will cover the legal and regulatory framework of data protection in India.

We will cover the below-mentioned topics

  1. Privacy policies in Corporates
  2. Consent and notifications
  3. Data use /retention/ withdrawal
  4. Data Disclosure
  5. Data Transfer                 
  6. Non -disclosure agreement
  7. Non-compete agreements                                       

This is very relevant for corporates today and is covered through a series of lectures for 8 hours 

  1. Corporate governance –      This Course shall cover the regulatory/statutory framework of corporate governance. The following topics are covered
    1. Objects and scope of corporate governance
    2. The key legal framework of corporate governance
    3. Shareholders and Corporate Governance                           
    4. Management and Corporate Governance
    5. Stakeholders and Corporate Governance
    6. Transparency and Reporting
    7. CSR activities

These topics are covered in a lecture series of 8 hours.

  1. Dispute resolution – This course will cover the legal aspect of various methods of dispute resolution in India.
    1. Arbitration (domestic and International)
    2. Mediation
    3. Conciliation
    4. Negotiation
    5. Lok Adalat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

These topics are covered, with case studies, in lecture series of 16 hours

Contact: – Subhashini Sharma Tripathi; 9731107798;

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