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To the pioneers in Higher education .. an open letter.

India is on the path to becoming the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2030 and its population will overtake China’s in the next few years. A number of new job roles are getting added into the job streams every year. It is estimated that 46% of the jobs by 2020 will lie in job roles that did not exist in the previous decade, or have radically changed in skill requirements! Who will guide the students to objectively explore their career opportunities? 

As a decision maker in Higher Education in India, I am sharing with you some details about CareerGraph – an Analytics-driven, online, career counseling product for students.

The CareerGraph Report is an online composite report to assess students against a set of attributes and industry interests using the RIASEC methodology. The Report is aimed at the college population for professional career guidance along with their academics based on multiple parameters of self-exploratory questions and nuances measured using our tested algorithms. These are data points that most corporate today seek to know about their future employees before any hiring engagement.

How does work?

Three assessments that cover 6 areas of information and measurements (and take about 45 min – 1 hour to undertake);

  • Personal profile (Resume)
  • Temperament Profiling
  • Behaviour Profiling
  • Aptitude Profiling
  • Industry Interest Profiling
  • Academic profiling

For the college placement and admin team: – This report is supplemented with a dashboard where all students using the college Test Code will appear. All resume and related information will reside with the college for ready reference and further analytics.

Currently, Symbiosis and Jain University are using our product.

We need help to reach out to the large body of Indian Youth and empower them with an unbiased, objective advice about job roles and industries where they can excel.

Do view the following videos which explain the product better:-


We are launching the service in Hindi too, to make it ‘truly Indian’

I look forward to hearing back from you …




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