Skills in Analytics /Data Science

At the entry levels the IT skills (Coding in R, SAS, Python, Excel etc.) are of paramount importance. These skills are technical in nature and are acquired through education and practice.As you progress up the ladder , the work moves from being technical to managerial and finally, creating tactics and strategy for the business. Thus, the growth path is from a Coder to the analyst to senior management/consultant !!

The Analytics ladder

The Analytics Process moves from

1. Data Extraction and warehousing: – From ERP systems, Third Party, Finance dept., Market research etc . And the amalgamation of the same into specific datasets / tables that will be maintained on a periodic basis

2. MIS / Data visualization: – Tables , Charts , trend report ,OLAP cubes etc.

3. Non Predictive Analytics : -Segmentation /Through the door/P&L Integration / Decision trees etc.

4. Predictive Analytics : – Probability models /Forecasting models / Time series etc.

5. Machine Learning : – Automated model building and deployment.

We handle recruitment across all levels for Analytics and IT skills related profiles. We use PExiScore – a job fitment tool – to provide the “best Fit” recommendation.

You can view this new age tool and its benefits at  


1. Per position recruitment

a. You give us the Job Description  (we use to enable easy JD sharing)

b. We get back to you with a list of candidates (you get a complimentary dashboard from

c. You carry out the screening and final selection

d. Our reimbursement

2. Bulk Recruitment

a. Campus recruitment:

Basis the requirements we can set up Interview dates with the top colleges in the city and your HR managers can conduct the required screening.

manpower consulting

 Expected benefits for Corporates:

          1. Reduce length of recruitment process for freshers
          2. Recruits will be ready to hit the job running
          3. Lower attrition
          4. Higher job satisfaction

Additional benefit (optional) 

Pre-recruitment training program for students conducted on a curriculum approved by the client.

b. Recruitment drive:

At locations where the client does not have an office by booking a venue for 2 to 3 days for conducting the interviews.

 Additional benefit (optional)

Pre-recruitment screening as per client requirement (test on technical skills etc.)

We also do Induction training for Analytics/ Data Science.