Learn Analytics in 6 steps using SAS and R

Have you wondered how to get started on a career in Analytics and Data Science? To help you take the first step into the world of Analytics and Data Science, I have brought 15 years of Analytics practise into a ‘learn it yourself’ book.

This book teaches you how to do analytics on business data using two very popular software tools, SAS and R. read more

HR Models in Hiring and Candidate selection for jobs

Do you know why you like and do well in a job? Why do you stick to some jobs and companies?

Do you believe that it is karma or destiny? Or do you believe in any complicated theory of psychometrics – the science of measuring mental capacities and processes.

I’d like to believe that there is a mathematical correlation between skills, psychological profiles, experience and education as a composite which decides how satisfied and happy and employee is. To figure out the calculations I’ve devised a survey, to collect data and pierce together the relationships.
It would be great if you could take out 20 min. of your time to fill out this questionnaire developed to gather data for the study. The link is :- http://indiadecisionmanagement.com/consulting/analytics-and-strategy/hr-analytic-study-factors-that-affect-job-satisfaction-in-todays-world/
(Note :- Do pass this on to your friends and colleagues – the more data we get, the more robust will be the analysis.) read more

Top 7 Analytics courses in India and Singapore

In the last 3-5 years there has been an explosion in the jobs in Analytics. To provide adequate training and coaching, we now have a long list of institutes which run courses on Analytics. So which course works best?

My take is ‘it depends’ . It depends on your requirement, the experience you have and what you want to achieve by doing the course.  I am putting down the 7 courses which I would explore if I had to do undergo training in Analytics :- read more