Help the Youth choose their ‘best fit’ professions

To the pioneers in Higher education .. an open letter.

India is on the path to becoming the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2030 and its population will overtake China’s in the next few years. A number of new job roles are getting added into the job streams every year. It is estimated that 46% of the jobs by 2020 will lie in job roles that did not exist in the previous decade, or have radically changed in skill requirements! Who will guide the students to objectively explore their career opportunities?  read more

The Case for Analytics & Data Science

It’s a confusing world. People are talking about Analytics and Data Science in all walks of work and every industry. Where do we get started ? Lets take a look …

1. Data Models :- Organise all the data from different systems in your organisation together . Standardise this process and have one repository for all the data you commonly work on. This is the first step to do Analytics on an ongoing basis !! read more

Learn Analytics in 6 steps using SAS and R

Have you wondered how to get started on a career in Analytics and Data Science? To help you take the first step into the world of Analytics and Data Science, I have brought 15 years of Analytics practise into a ‘learn it yourself’ book.

This book teaches you how to do analytics on business data using two very popular software tools, SAS and R. read more

Benefits of creating a Storyboard for Analytics Projects

Storyboards are graphics , generally a series of illustrations or images, much like a comic book. It enables us to understand how the story or situation will unfold.

The idea of storyboarding, was developed at the Walt Disney studio during the early 1930s. An animator with the Walt Disney Studios by the name of Webb Smith came up with the idea of drawing scenes on separate sheets of paper and pinning them up on a bulletin board to tell a story. This concept had evolved from comic book like story sketches . It has become the first draft of movies . Thus, a film storyboard is essentially a large comic book of the film, which helps the film directors and sponsors to visualise and take decisions on the movie. In theatre, a storyboard is frequently used to understand layout of scenes. In business, storyboards are used for planning advertising campaigns, proposals, business presentations with an intent to convince people to take actions. It is a good way to create the business case and is often the stage before the prototype of a technology is created. read more

My 3 key learning in Data Science and BigData

Happy New Year 2016, folks!!
As 2016 sets in, the Analytics domain is in the limelight and Data Scientists are in huge demand. The maturity levels of the market has increased and the emergence of set processes and structured teams has become the norm.
In the Data Science world, the buzz word remains BigData and any Analytics professional worth his salt is keen to understand this domain. I am putting down 3 key points that I have understood.
1. BigData is all around us: – Earlier all documents, images and video / audio files generated in business were stored in physical form in storage units … boxes, vaults etc. Today, most of it is digitized and stored. All government records, business data, application forms with photo and customer / employee documentation, security camera footage … everything is being digitized for easier storage and fast access. read more