Legal Lectures – from the Supreme Court

Legal Lectures – By Purushottam Sharma Tripathi

About the Lecturer: – Purushottam is an NLS Gold Medalist and currently AOR at the Supreme Court of India. He has been practising for the last 12 years in Delhi. Recent important cases in which he has worked include Triple Talaq case, Cow Slaughter case etc.  read more

Help the Youth choose their ‘best fit’ professions

To the pioneers in Higher education .. an open letter.

India is on the path to becoming the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2030 and its population will overtake China’s in the next few years. A number of new job roles are getting added into the job streams every year. It is estimated that 46% of the jobs by 2020 will lie in job roles that did not exist in the previous decade, or have radically changed in skill requirements! Who will guide the students to objectively explore their career opportunities?  read more


This is a tribute to Shri. P.P Rao, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India by Purushottam Sharma Tripathi (LL.B, LL.M (Gold Medallist), Advocate on Record – Supreme Court of India)

On 13th September, 2017, my former senior Shri. P.P Rao, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, departed from this mortal world after completing 50 years of a remarkable and distinguished law practice. An expert in Constitutional law, Service law and Election law, his outstanding contribution to the legal field was accepted and recognised by the bench, the bar, jurists, academicians and litigants, in acknowledgement of which he was bestowed the Padma Bhushan by the nation. read more

The Case for Analytics & Data Science

It’s a confusing world. People are talking about Analytics and Data Science in all walks of work and every industry. Where do we get started ? Lets take a look …

1. Data Models :- Organise all the data from different systems in your organisation together . Standardise this process and have one repository for all the data you commonly work on. This is the first step to do Analytics on an ongoing basis !! read more


Democracy disciplined and enlightened is the finest thing in the world. A democracy prejudiced, ignorant, superstitious, will land itself in chaos. – M K Gandhi


Importance of Elections in the Indian Democracy

“Democracy is Government by the people. It is a continual participative operation, not a cataclysmic, periodic exercise. The little man, in his multitude, marking his vote at the poll does a social audit of his Parliament plus political choice of this proxy. Although the full flower of participative Government rarely blossoms, the minimum credential of popular Government is appeal to the people after every term for a renewal of confidence. So we have adult franchise and general elections as constitutional compulsions. It needs little argument to hold that the heart of the Parliamentary system is free and fair elections periodically held, based on adult franchise, although social and economic democracy may demand much more.” read more